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“Sally has a wide range of skills and knowledge. She has been able to offer me everything from a gentle relaxing hot stone massage to targeted treatment for a lower back issue, both of which have been hugely beneficially for me. When I developed a frozen shoulder after breaking my arm, her massages were invaluable and I’m convinced they significantly speeded up my recovery. I can’t recommend Sally highly enough!  ”



“Sally’s massage therapies have been very effective in helping me manage and then resolve my persistent lower back pain”.


'I have been attending Sally Reeve for Massage Therapy for neck and shoulder treatment and have enjoyed considerable relief from the pain and discomfort I was suffering, due to the excellent treatment I received from Sally.'



'I first attended Sally for help with a dodgy knee – her therapeutic treatments kept me going until I had major surgery. Her post-operative care (combined with intensive physiotherapy) was fantastic and got me up and mobile again very quickly. Since then I continue to have regular visits with Sally for massage and other treatments and continue to benefit from her care. I find Sally to be very helpful, understanding, professional and extremely good at her work. I have no hesitation in recommending her.'


'I take part in a lot of endurance events and as such my body takes quite a battering!! I have now been seeing Sally for nearly 18 months and the treatments I have received have been essential in enabling me to continue competing. From relieving tight muscles, injury maintenance, posture improvement to stress relief the treatments are superb. Following a recent car accident I saw Sally for whiplash and the benefits enabled me to resume training in the quickest time possible' .



"My regular deep tissue massage sessions with Sally help me retain the ability to work. Dentists have notorious back and neck problems and without her I would be adding to the statistics!"(not to mention the water skiing, gardening and other backbreaking exploits!!)



'I have no hesitation recommending Sally Reeve as a massage therapist. She inspires trust as a professional and as a warm and caring person. I have come to her for massage both as a relaxing treat and a very effective therapy for a shoulder problem. If you come for pampering, you'll leave on a cloud. If you have a particular physical problem, Sally's wide-ranging experience and knowledge will help you find a holistic solution. The free parking is an added bonus!'



'I have been treated by Sally Reeve during a stressful divorce and found her therapeutic massage very relaxing. More recently she has been treating me for neck and shoulder problems and I have found her treatment to be very effective in relieving the symptoms.'



"Since having regular treatments with Sally all the tension and pain that I had with my back have reduced to virtually nothing ( just the odd twinge). I have tried other people before, but none have come close to Sally's standard.
She is sympathetic, completely professional, and thoroughly knows her stuff ! I am always relaxed and refreshed after a treatment, and now don't just go to get fixed, but to unwind.'



'Thank you so much for all the hard work you've done on my back. When I first saw you I was in quite a lot if pain but with your amazing healing hands and wonderful hot stones you've made a massive difference. You're so knowledgeable, helpful and professional I really appreciate all you've done for me'



''I have thoroughly enjoyed my massages with Sally and have found them most beneficial. They have eased the physical effects of rheumatoid arthritis and have also made me feel better emotionally, depression being a side effect of the disease. The deep colonic massage was also very effective. I would recommend her treatments without reservation.'


'Gorgeous massage - makes you feel calm yet invigorated. Eases out kinks and knots in your neck and shoulders that other therapists would miss. The Tszarina of therapists!'



'I have regularly seen Sally for years, including both my
pregnancies, to keep my tight neck, shoulder and lower back muscles in check. Having 2 small children and working in IT I tend to get rather tight and knotty in my neck and if it’s not resolved I can get headaches. I see a trip to Sally as a treat and although I love to refer toit as a “pummel” not a massage, without it I wouldn’t be able to function. Sally is now really a friend and we casually chat during my sessions about our lives and families. Also being a qualified nurse made my choice of seeing her in the first place more reputable.'



'The treatments I have recieved from Sally have been exceptional! I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and find that having monthly massages has helped me with the joint pain and fatigue and enables me to cope better with my illness.

I have had many massages over the years, but Sally is the best therapist I have been to, she really knows how to solve any muscle pain and discomfort with the right pressure and the hot stones are wonderful!

She really is great and I would recommend booking an appointment.'



'After months of pain and tightness in my right heel, Sally's healing hands and aftercare advice has improved the movement and tension in my foot. My body is always relaxed after our sessions and I have been recommending Sally to everyone I know'


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