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After Treatment Advice


Information for After your Massage:

• Drink plenty of water after a treatment.

• Avoid depressants and limit alcohol consumption for the rest of the day.

• Restrict caffeine, nicotine, and any other stimulants.

• Avoid eating a large meal straight after treatment. Make your next meal light and nourishing.

• If possible relax and do not work or exercise for a few hours after treatment as this may detract from the benefits of your treatment.

• If possible do not drive straight after treatment. If you must, try to wait until you are fully alert, and keep a car window open.

Possible After Effects of Massage:

Although most reactions to receiving treatment are positive, some people may suffer temporary negative effects in the 48 hours following a treatment.

This may result in symptoms that mimic the original pain or condition. You may experience aches and pains, symptoms of illness, unusual moods/emotions or feel light headed. Occasionally, you may also notice other effects, such as increased urination, increased perspiration, feeling hot, vivid dreams or disturbed sleep.

These reactions are usually a sign that the treatment was much needed, and are due to the detoxification process and/or your body re-balancing its systems and healing itself.

It is not uncommon to feel slightly ‘washed out’ or ‘fuzzy headed’ for a short while after a treatment. This is due to accumulated waste products being released into the circulation as the tight muscles are treated. Your body will just need a little time to adjust to its new detoxified state. Drinking plenty of water will help to flush these waste products out of your body.

These reactions are temporary and will pass in a day or two, if not much sooner. Generally these feelings will lessen with each treatment.

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